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Am I the only one who gets really annoyed whenever anyone talks about how awesome and noble Snape was? Does everyone just forget how he treated his students? All the stress and anxiety he caused Neville?

Snape was a giant bag of dicks.

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My new baby, Zelda.

My new baby, Zelda.

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My internet is out, so I cant post much. Sorry for the lack of activity.

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adventure time

adventure time

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After messing with my theme I think I’ve settled on this one. Like it?

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And you posted that goat before, right!? I knew I'd seen you (and her) on there before!! Lol and were you the one that posted in the thread that was asking for goat advice and you said you had the 3 breeds and the ones like a dog? Sorry if this is really creepy lol it's just that I'm starting to connect the dots sort of xD I do actually play but I'm on the forums more and have forgotten to take care if my dogs before aha I'm getting better though

Yeah, that would be me! I do updates pretty frequently, and people seem to enjoy the ones that include Indie (the goat).

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Wait. Stupid question but do you play furry paws? Lol

I do! Sort of. I post on the forums quite often, but I don’t actually play the game. :D

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Searching for animal blogs!


Please reblog if you post ANYTHING about animals (prehistoric and current), from pictures, science, medicine or even just stories! Even you only post about one animal, especially equestrian or veterinary blogs please reblog this so I and maybe others can find more people to follow :)

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People know me now. Like I’ll go into a store and they’re like, “Oh your that girl with the little goat!”